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We started this platform to connect the different ideas and bodies of knowledge in human development, starting from the early years. Like the African proverb, ” It takes a village to raise a child.” We want to connect the members of the ”village” to share their insights and knowledge. 

While there are many platforms on human development, ‘theyardstics.com hopes to integrate native/cultural approach/knowledge with professional knowledge. We believe that integrating different bodies of knowledge will contribute significant value to raising outstanding children that will become responsible adults.

theyardstics.com is open to everyone who has something to share – No knowledge is too small or big. We are open to parents, childminders, educators, people with a historical and cultural understanding of raising children, policymakers, and everyone interested in human development. 

We do not claim to know it all; we only want to contribute a little to the existing knowledge and share some new insights. We hope that the knowledge shared on this platform will help at least one individual, one family, or one community.

Please come along with us as we start this journey!

About the editor

She is an early years educator, a Montessori teacher, and a mother with degrees in economics, early years education and teaching certificates in Montessori education—an ardent student of history and how cultures and traditions affect how we raise children and families. 

She sees all stakeholders raising children as farmers! The quality of the farmer’s seed and the care given to the plant will determine the harvest. Same for the children – Quality children will grow into quality adults and a peaceful and prosperous society.

Welcome to theyardsticks.com!